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Protecting Your Comics

Tips to protect your comics:


Protecting your comics is vital  to make them last.

When storing your comics, avoid sources of leaks or water such as  pipework, windows and cold external walls.   Humidity  in this area can cause mold damage to the environment and your comics.


 High temperatures can also cause problems making your comics brittle or discoloured.  This is done by keeping your comics away from radiators, heat vents, or direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can also greatly fade your comics.  


Try to avoid areas with known insect and pests as they can also cause damage by eating or soiling the comic.


Store your comics safely in protective bags with buffered acid free backing boards or grade your comics.


At Octopus Comics, our graded comics are encapsulated using acid free and archival safe materials.  No PVC's are used.  Ungraded comics are stored in protective bags with buffered acid free backing boards. 

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