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Business Time Eddy



About Business Time Eddy

Everyone knows Octopi change color.  Eddy isn't any different...but that is about to change.  Eddy is tired of living in his 12,080 ft deep ocean and is ready to conquer the world.  Eddy has dreams of drinking bubble tea on the Eiffel Tower, becoming a businessman in New York City and opening his own hat shop in Dubai.  Take in an Eddy.  Help make his biggest dreams come true.  This is a collection of 10000 images created for  Each of them have been signed by Octopus Comics and contain a watermark logo to ensure authenticity.  There are only 388 Red Eddy's in this collection.  

Get Involved!

 These NFT's were made exclusively  for Octopus Comics, and we are so proud of them.

Each of these 10000 NFT's have been hand drawn and launched  on OpenSea  using the Ethereum Network. Each one follows Eddy as he lives his dream to be more than just an octopus.

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What do you get?...
Every Business Time Eddy  Holder will be entered into our regular draws to win  free Marvel and DC Comics Subscriptions.

300 Eddy's will be put aside for future giveaways to present to  Holders only.

And of  course ..Holders will be put on Pre-sale lists for future projects.

*15% of the proceeds from the  purchase of a Business Time Eddy NFT will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).  Eddy wants to give back and help his ocean friends,  as well as help the rest of the planet.

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